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Our Bella Canvas and Gildan Color Chart for You

We aim to clear up any of the confusion, so we’ve produced our own Gildan Color chart below to get an idea of how Gildan is going to stack up, color-wise. They’re two of the biggest in the industry, and we’ll go over the differences in their color offerings today.

Gildan Color Chart:

Pros and Cons


-Typical offerings are like their Sport Scarlet Red or their Neon Blue.

-These are great, everyday colors for most types of people, Deliver a sharp look. 
-Their heather line is more earth tone and rugged.


-Softer options more limited.

-Lots of similar colors

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Bella Canvas Color Chart:

Pros and Cons

-Softer colors

-Wider variety of alternate colors

-Still offers some staple colors


-More limited primary colors

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